Interesting guests

Posted on Mon January 27, 2020.

Never discredit your gut instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations.
If something deep inside you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.

Walk in guests (a couple in a smart SUV) begging to check in at 8:30 am should flash red lights... Well, I gave in and took them in. Payment done upfront, so what can go wrong?! Big big mistake.
They started pouring strawberry liqueur and ciders at 9h00! After a midmorning nap, they left for lunch. Upon their return, I noticed a third guest in the SUV... The booking and payment was for one room allowing max 2 adults. The third passenger turned out to be a kid, about 9 years who immediately took to the swimming pool. Contemplating how to address the uncomfortable situation, I tried to calm down first.
The loud cellphone conversation with typical swearing and arguing however left me with no choice. I really felt ashamed to expose my other European tourist guest to this behavior...Big girl panties on, I stipulated the four objections:
We don't allow noisy guests.
We don't allow children.
We don't allow visitors.
Her excuse ending in addressing me as "...., Skattie", did not put me at ease! I was dreading what else could erupt as it was very early still on a Saturday evening. I decided that there wasn't much more I could do and turned back to my own supper.
When preparing for breakfast the Sunday morning, it was clear that the SUV did not stay over. Their curtains were drawn and I assumed that they were planning on having breakfast at 9h00 as discussed upon check in.
At 9h15 Makori called me and said they had just checked out. The last I saw of them was 2 huge ladies and the kid leaving through the street gate. Gone was the guy with the SUV...
Furious, I decided to let it go and just be thankful to see their backs.
Let me spell it: they paid for a one nights stay, which they overstayed by checking in 5,5 hours too early. They paid for 2 adults and 3 people slept over. Not even the two adults who originally had checked in! How do you operate like that??
If only that was the end. Nooooooo.... After 5 minutes Makori made alarm and called me into their room. They had emptied the mini bar of its contents - the amount R537. My loss.
As I've said several times in this occupation before: NEVER AGAIN!